Rant: glorifying mental illness

It bothers me how often people use the terms “OCD” and “Bipolar” without realizing that these are actual mental disorders.

I’m no expert but:

I think there’s more to OCD than being obsessed with neatness. It’s having no control over your mind. It’s being dominated by these compulsions that you absolutely cannot resist. It’s having intrusive thoughts of harming others, of doing things that you normally wouldn’t do. It’s feeling overwhelmed with guilt for even having these thoughts and being controlled by them. It’s being paranoid that something bad will happen and you are to blame for it.

There’s also more to Bipolar disorder than just mood swings. It’s being up for 48 hours straight without having any food. It’s being impulsive and restless and taking on more than you can handle. It’s having so much energy that you feel you will explode. It’s going from a state of euphoria and happiness to attempting suicide.

In both cases, it’s being self-destructive. It’s engaging in unhealthy amounts of self-loathing.

These are serious illnesses. People feel trapped, helpless, and often times, crazy, and they’re not. They just got the short end of the stick and it sucks. It’s unfair. These disorders have caused people to sink into depression and anxiety and take their own lives.

It’s not just a weird little quirk or a personality trait. It doesn’t make you unique. You’re not a special snowflake. Everyone has fucking mood swings. Everyone has their own little obsession that they keep secret. I’m willing to bet that I can find one in every single person that I know. It’s not a mental disorder until it hinders your ability to function on a daily basis. I would know, I’ve actually been diagnosed with OCD.

Please stop throwing these words around if you’ve no idea what they truly mean. Please stop self-diagnosing and diagnosing others. You’re not a trained professional. 

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